Zordai ZD8 Ultra Pro Smartwatch Original (Watch 8 Ultra)


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ZD8 Ultra pro

Upgraded to be
more powerful.

A brand new user experience that is more intelligent and powerful.

ZD8 Ultra pro
ZD8 Ultra pro

2.2 inch high
definition screen.

520*585 high-definition resolution with 32-bit high color rendering, while also possessing strong anti-scratch and anti-explosion performance.

Color accuracy

178-degrees viewing angle

Wider color gamut

ZD8 Ultra pro

Fast magnetic charging

The magnetic charging can fully charge the watch within threehours, It automatically switches to bedside lamp mode duringcharging, making it easy to navigate at night.

ZD8 Ultra pro

Compass function.

Based on the compass application, a compass display is also embedded in the dial. Simply raise your wrist to view information such as the current direction and angle.

ZD8 Ultra pro

HD Bluetooth calls

Equipped with high-fidelity speakers to deliver high-definition sound. Synchronizes with the phone’s contact list, allowing up to 1000 contacts to be synced.

ZD8 Ultra pro

Visible quality

Equipped with CE, ROSH, inspection reports issued by professional institutions, meets the export requirements of European and American countries, and the quality is visible to the naked eye.

(environmental certification)

(test report)

(EU safety certification)

ZD8 Ultra pro

Powerful chip,
long-lasting battery life

Equipped with the professional smart wearable chip AX, it works in synergy with efficient intelligent algorithms to provide powerful computing power for health monitoring and sports tracking. In typical scenarios, it can achieve a battery life of 7 days.

Daily mode

Standby time

sport mode

ZD8 Ultra pro

AI voice assistant

Exclusive AI intelligent algorithm, immune to noisy environment. Double-click to wake up the voice assistant and completely free your hands.

ZD8 Ultra pro

One second
answer a phone call

One second
check messages

ZD8 Ultra pro


The watch has undergone a 1.5-meter immersion test, surface water resistance test, and water resistance test to ensure that the entire structure of the watch is waterproof.

ZD8 Ultra pro

A more convenient way of life

Alipay payment

NFC access card

Remote camera control

play and switch music.

ZD8 Ultra pro

Precise heart
rate monitoring

24-hour accurate heart rate monitoring, keeping track of your heart health anytime, anywhere.

ZD8 Ultra pro


Electrocardiogram (ECG) monitoring is one of the most common clinical monitoring methods. It can be completed in one minute and is widely used.

Blood pressure

Real-time blood pressure monitoring, reflecting blood pressure data at any time, ensuring physical health.

ZD8 Ultra pro

Blood oxygen

Monitor and analyze blood flow to obtain more comprehensive health data


Sleep monitoring – Accurately monitor sleep data in different stages, scientifically evaluate, and improve sleep quality.

ZD8 Ultra pro

159 sports modes

With 159 sports modes, there’s always one you’ll love. Exercise to your heart’s content, every move you make will be monitored.

ZD8 Ultra pro

500+ free watch faces

Massive online watch faces with continuous updates. Change them daily and never repeat the same one in a year.

ZD8 Ultra pro


Health Management platform

The smart watch is connected to the newly upgradedZORDAI APP. ZORDAI is an all-day health manangement plat-form.In addition to setting up the watch,it can also record various sports.physical condition and other data, support to view professional date at any analyzing multiple data sourcces,you can manange all aspects of your body data and understand your physical condition anytime ,anywhere

ZD8 Ultra pro
ZD8 Ultra pro


  • Why does the back of the bracelet automatically glow green?

    The green light is when the bracelet is trying to monitor the heart rate. If you turn on automatic heart rate monitoring, the bracelet will automatically light up. If you select manual heart rate monitoring, it will not automatically light up. Our bracelet uses the current mainstream optical heart rate monitoring, please rest assured to use it.

  • Use the camera function

    You can place your mobile phone far away and take pictures by lifting your wristband.
    (1) The Bluetooth connection between the bracelet and the mobile phone needs to be maintained;
    (2) The APP needs to obtain the permission to call the system camera.

  • Is the watch waterproof? Can I wear it for bathing or swimming?

    It is only waterproof for life, please do not wear it when bathing or swimming.

  • How to change the time of my device?

    Please synchronize the device with your mobile phone via Bluetooth to calibrate the time.

  • Where can I download the WearPro APP to use the watch?

    You can easily find them by searching for the WearPro APP name on Google Play or App Store.

  • Does your smartwatch support battery replacement?

    Sorry, our smart watch does not support battery replacement.


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